By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: A survey conducted by has found consumers are influenced by energy and water star ratings when purchasing appliances. asked retailers across Australia how interested consumers were about the energy and water efficiency of household appliances including washing machines and dishwashers.

One retailer said that customers were not always initially aware of the energy and water star system.

“People aren’t always that interested when they first walk in, but we really try to enforce the idea of the star system to them so they can make a better decision,” said a Western Australian retailer to

“We actually encourage people to look at the kilowatt usage per year.”

“We also try to explain how energy and water can work together. For example, a particular front loader [washing machine] might not use a hot water tap because it heats its own water, and so the amount of kilowatts used is going to be different than a top loader.”

“People definitely consider energy and water consumption before buying something.”

A retailer on the eastern seaboard said people “definitely do look” at star ratings.

“People look at the stars. For some it matters more than others, but most are worried about the ongoing costs at home, probably more than the environmental impact.”

“It depends on the price of the product, but I wouldn’t say that people would spend a much bigger premium for a better rating though.”