By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Dyson has announced some of competitors for the Australian Design Award’s Dyson Student Award, which include a benchtop washer/dryer and an induction-style ironing board.

Over 60 new product concepts were submitted, with other entries including a pen that will automatically transcribe handwritten text into an e-mail or SMS and a device that will charge your electronic devices such as a phone with kinetic energy from the body’s own movement.

Of the household-related devices, the Whirlwind Washer Dryer will fit on a benchtop and uses any tap available. It will also store grey-water in its own tank and will fit in a cupboard. The design is similar to the compact benchtop dishwashers that have been available in Japan for many years.

The Induction Clothes Iron uses IH-style principles to remove the heat source from the iron and place the power source and all controls in the board.

Finally, the Air-Force Dryer uses Dyson’s own Airblade technology to create a fast-drying clothes drying rack, sandwiching the clothes between two high-pressure air jets.

Dyson Australia managing director Ross Cameron said he was excited by the designs.

“I’ve always been excited by great design, by new product technologies and innovation; it’s what impressed me about James Dyson when we first met and why I got involved in his vision. Innovation is the cornerstone of industry and for Australia to continue to prosper and build this industry, there will always be a lot of emphasis placed on these young inventors to create new products for the local market and for international export growth. This initiative is our platform to help these graduates develop their careers and their vision for our future.”

Stephanie Watson, manager of the Australian International Design Awards, said the designs were “impressive”.

“Once again we are seeing an impressive calibre of projects being put forward by Australian graduates and it’s gratifying to see the professional and market ready potential of these product designs and prototypes. This award is highly regarded in the industry and has proven to secure award-winners entry into respected Australian design studios and internationally renowned product design teams.”