By Sarah Falson

SALE, Vic: The Morelli Homemakers & Betta Electrical store headed up by Nick Morelli has migrated to the Narta-affiliated HomElectrix stable of appliance and electrical retailers, according to a notice sent to suppliers from BSR.

“In this very competitive and volatile market, I felt it prudent to explore other options,” said proprietor, Morelli, who has been involved in the electrical retailing industry since 1980.

“HomElectrix and Narta together give us better buying power and access to more major brands. Also, being a part of the Narta group is more affordable."

According to Morelli, his store, which has been renamed ‘Morelli HomElectrix Sale’, now has access to more brands including Fisher & Paykel, which has a “frosty” relationship with the BSR group, which includes Betta Electrical and Chandlers stores. HomElectrix is a franchise business of Abdul Sacur’s Bi-Rite electrical, which is also a Narta member.

However, Morelli said his decision to join the HomElectrix banner wasn’t easy.

“I agonised over the decision for quite some time, but in light of recent events it was made easier,” said Morelli. believes Morelli was referring to the former BSL group’s collapse before Christmas last year.

The BSL group disenfranchised its members in late-2006 due to debts the group could not pay, and a collaboration of franchisors banded together to buy back their rights to the Betta Electrical and Chandlers names. 

Morelli said that BSR offered a “lack of advertising and support” to the retail-manager who took it upon himself to advertise his shop locally.

“People called me up and noticed I’d blocked the ‘Betta Electrical’ banner out of my advertising, so people do notice these things,” said Morelli.

“At the end of the day, we changed our name because of buying power, amongst other reasons. And I’m sure you’ll get a few more [BSR stores] who do the same.”