By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Audio visual retailer Audio Connection has announced the closure of one of its two Sydney stores, with its Leichhardt location closing on 30 June 2010.

Audio Connection managing director, Josef Riediger, told that while the store has certainly fallen victim to industry-wide falling sales, cheaper online retailers have been a particular problem.

Riediger believes that this online problem is hurting everyone.

“All retail has definitely suffered. And bricks and mortar retail is getting butchered by internet sales.

Riediger said that he is becoming sick and tired of he and his staff spending hours showcasing products, as well as their knowledge of them, only for that customer to say they can get a cheaper price online.

“Retail stores are becoming the showroom of internet sales,” he said.

As in indication of just how badly retail sales have been hit, Riediger said that even the Leichhardt closing down sale, which started on Monday, has failed to attract many customers.

“With this flattening, or disappearance, of sales I am not going to sign another five year lease (at Leichhardt).

“Retail is doing it tough.”

The Audio Connection store in Drummoyne will continue to operate us usual.