By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Online printing service Snapfish has announced it plans to expand its presence into the retail space, allowing customers to pick up photos from a retail store they had ordered online.

The HP affiliated company said while its professional photo printer kiosks were currently limited to Camera House, it would expand its presence into other retail stores in the future to allow online ordering and retail prick-up.

“At the moment, we’re not quite there with the order online and pick up in-store, but we certainly will have that in the near future. It’s an important part of the HP and Snapfish development together,” said Snapfish Australia and New Zealand country manager, Verity Batchelder.

Batchelder also said while there was no connection with Snapfish and HP’s retail printers, they had worked in conjunction in the past, and were “always looking” to work with HP and provide periodic campaigns together.

The news comes as Snapfish announced a price cut for its professionally-developed digital photo prints from 19 to 15 cents.

“We strive to provide best value for the customers, and that is not just in the price of the prints themselves, we give customers free unlimited storage and free sharing of tools and so on. Within that package, we always try to provide best value,” Batchelder said. 

The permanent reduction provides the best value to consumers who order from Australia’s leading online photo printing service, and includes free unlimited storage and sharing. New customers receive 20 free prints when they become a Snapfish member.

Customers can also buy new photo-related merchandise on the Snapfish site, including teddy bears (in brown, pink, blue and white), handbags for women and shoulder bags, all which can be personalised by a customer’s own photos.