By Claire Reilly

Logistics company DHL has today announced its involvement in the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme – a government initiative aimed at increasing recycling rates for electronic products such as TVs and computers, and reducing landfill.

As a part of the partnership between DHL and Australian State and Federal Governments, the company will work with local councils to collect and recycle e-waste on behalf of local manufacturers and importers of electronic products.

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DHL’s involvement in the scheme is set begin in mid-2012, with full services expected to roll out across Australia by the end of 2012. Speaking about the company’s involvement in the Recycling Scheme was DHL Supply Chain South Pacific CEO, Terry Ryan.

“This is a historic project for Australia and DHL is proud to be the first organisation approved to achieve an 80 per cent recycling target by 2021 on behalf of the television and computer industry,” said Ryan.

“DHL takes responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously. We recognise environment, climate and protection as areas where we can make important contributions. With our global GoGreen program we aim to minimise the impact of our business on the environment.

“DHL in the UK is a leading service provider under similar legislation that has been operating in Europe since 2003,” he added. “We will transfer and apply this knowledge and expertise to the Australian market in support of the Product Stewardship Legislation.

“We have proven systems for setting up approved collections points and encouraging people to drop off their unwanted equipment”.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, Senator Don Farrell, agreed that the appointment of DHL as a recycling services provider was a step forward for product stewardship in Australia.

“The approval of DHL is an important next step for the industry-run National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme,” he said. “It is vital to the scheme’s success that organisations applying to establish a co-regulatory arrangement are able to demonstrate that they can meet the scheme’s strict operating criteria, and I congratulate DHL for doing just that.”

The familiar red and yellow DHL trucks will now be involved in the Government's product stewardship program.