By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Panasonic has launched 11 new plasma TV models, beginning what it calls “an entirely new plasma era”. At the centre of this new era is NeoPDP – Panasonic believes this concepts redefines the plasma display, with improvements in image quality, power consumption and panel width.

At the media event and product showcase yesterday at Cockatoo Island, Panasonic introduced Australia to nine new full HD panels, and two new HD models. The flagship product amongst this group is a 54-inch full HD plasma panel that is only 1-inch thick. Set to be released in September, and with an as-yet unknown RRP, this model features an extremely bright display and very clear picture.

Supporting this model is a 50-inch across, 2-inch thick full HD model. Once again, the pricing is to be advised. This model is set for release in August.

Of the nine remaining models, two are currently in release (42-inch and 50-inch 720p models at RRP $1,849 and $2,399), one is coming in May (42-inch full HD at RRP $2,749) and four in June (42-inch full HD at RRP $2,499, two 46-inch full HD models from different series at $2,899 and $3,299, and a 50-inch full HD at $3,799).

In July, Panasonic will release a 50-inch full HD model (RRP to be advised).The final model from this release will come in October. This model is a 54-inch full HD plasma. Once again, the RRP is unknown.

The NeoPDP concept is based on improvements in materials and processes, discharge gas and cell design, and circuit and drive technology.

“As a world leader in home entertainment products, Panasonic continues to strive to achieve the most innovative, picture –improving technologies in flat panels,” said Panasonic product manager, TV, Matt Pearce. “NeoPDP is the result of this commitment, forever redefining the possibilities of plasma image quality and performance.”