By Martin Vedris

ORANGE, NSW: Electrolux today announced the launch of its new energy efficient and environmentally-friendly fridges. The Electrolux fridges will be five and six star-rated under existing labelling standards and contain efficient technology to cut energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Henrik Sundström, head of Sustainability Affairs at the Electrolux Group, based in Stockholm, visited the company’s Electrolux Refrigeration Plant at Orange, NSW.

According to Electrolux, its new family-sized refrigerators will return annual savings of between $45 to $60, depending on their capacity, by using up to 50 per cent less energy than their 10-year-old counterparts. The new fridges use the natural refrigerant gas (R600a) which breaks down quickly in the environment and significantly reduces carbon emissions; and

During this visit, Sundström will also inspect progress of waste-reduction, recycling, water-harvesting and other environmental initiatives at the company’s two Australian manufacturing facilities and National Distribution Centre in Moorebank, Sydney.

The Electrolux Refrigeration Plant in Orange and the Electrolux Cooking Products Plant in Adelaide are part of a global drive by Electrolux to reduce its overall energy consumption by 15 per cent between 2005 and the end of next year.