By Sarah Falson

MELBOURNE: At an event in Melbourne’s Federation Square last night, Retravision pledged to go the ‘extra mile’ for customers with the unveiling of a national marketing campaign which will further promote the group as customer service specialists.

The new marketing drive will be spearheaded by a television advertisement featuring the Proclaimers’ 1988 hit song ‘I’m Gonna Be (I Will Walk 500 Miles)’, with the tagline “We will go the extra mile for you.”

Retravision marketing and merchandising manager, Biag Capasso, took attendees through the range of 30 and 60-second television advertisements that all feature ‘real’ Retravision staff members dealing with ‘real’ Retravision customers.

“We are going to modernise the brand to make it more competitive whilst not harming our traditional core,” said Capasso.

“Our opportunities lie with technology adaptors and those after a good bargain. We are already known and trusted by our customers.”

The advert campaign was tested in the market and received favourable feedback, and according to Capasso, the real characters are appealing, the song is familiar, catchy and has lasted the test of time.

Much like the marketing tactic launched in 2004 by Retravision NSW, the new national  campaign is tailored to appeal to consumers who demand a high standard of customer service.

Capasso said Retravision would like to turn its buyers into lifelong customers.

“Price is still the number one criteria across the buying groups, but what’s needed is a big brand idea. Our idea is about service, knowledge, effort and value. It’s all about giving the customer more,” said Capasso.

Retravision will print and distribute brochures across the Vic-Tas stores, which will incorporate cashbacks, savings and bonuses.

The Retravision website will also be revamped and will carry the message of the “number one retailer”, according to Capasso.

According to chief executive officer Brian Kelly, the advert took a year to produce, and cost simply “a lot”.