Entourage is a popular show about a handsome up and coming actor and his talentless, annoying friends.
Entourage is a popular TV show about a handsome up-and-coming actor and his talentless, annoying friends.

Foxtel’s TV and movie streaming play, Presto, is now available on selected Android devices. Available in three flavours — Movies and TV for $9.95 each and both for $14.95 (all per month) — Presto was already available on iOS devices and through web apps.

Presto is one of four major players expected to compete fiercely through 2015 for Australian content streaming customers, along with the Fairfax/Channel Nine offering Stan, the US-based Netflix and the pre-existing but troubled Quickflix. Presto is a joint venture between Foxtel and Seven West Media.

Android users wishing to access Presto can download the app from the Google Play store or the Samsung App store.

“Presto is committed to try and offer our services across the widest range of devices and today we welcome Android users to our new unbelievable entertainment experience, just in time for Australia Day,” said Presto director Shaun James, who also flagged the impending integration of Presto into Smart TVs and video gaming devices.

“We will also continue to work closely with market-leading consumer electronic vendors to ensure our supported device line-up supports the biggest releases in the tablet, mobile, smart TV and gaming consoles and we expect to make further announcements shortly.”

Titles available on Presto include Girls, Ray Donovan, The Good Wife, Entourage, The Sopranos and The Newsroom.