SYDNEY, NSW: Champagne: a popular drink amongst motorsport winners, rap artists and newlyweds. Now, Champagne is also a colour in the Blanco induction cooking range.

In response to reported demand for tones that will blend in with light-coloured bench tops, Blanco is set to release a new, premium induction hob in a metallic champagne styling.

The CI804L (RRP $3,499) has an LCD display, five language features, programmable cooking, a timer for each separate zone and an independent cooktop lock.

Also new to the range is the CI603M (RRP $2,799), which features touch control and six inductors.

“Always at the forefront of classic European design, Blanco’s Platinum range of induction cooktops incorporate an elegant bevelled edge design,” said a Blanco spokesperson.

These two new additions to the Blanco Platinum range will be released in October 2010.