By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Electrolux Home Products has today provided with an update on its pre-Christmas recall of almost 200,000 faulty washing machines. According to the supplier, less than 10 per cent of affected customers have contacted Electrolux, with most happy to avoid minor shocks by taking precautions.

As announced in its national recall on 14 December 2009, specific Electrolux and Simpson washing machines may emit a light electrical shock to users if they touch the top of the machine. An Electrolux spokesperson has compared the shock to sensation caused by touching metal when wearing rubber-soled shoes.

So far, around 10,000 consumers have contacted the Electrolux recall hotline, with service technicians currently working through the list. Electrolux reported that some consumers have been content to delay the service call until after the holiday season, accepting the mostly harmless nature of the fault. Shocks can be best avoided by turning the machines off while loading and after use.

When asked what steps Electrolux was taking to ensure this doesn’t happen again, regulatory affairs manager Ian Forte said, “Electrolux’ quality technicians investigate thoroughly all reports of faults and are constantly seeking ways to improve the performance, quality and safety of new products.

“Ironically, the lid-locking mechanism was designed as a safety measure; to prevent people inserting their arms into the washer during a wash or spin cycle.”

Electrolux director of sales, Mike Putt, said that retailers have been “very professional, supportive and understanding of Electrolux’ efforts to capture affected stock”.