By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Last Friday, Pioneer Australia hosted retailers from across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory at a product launch and dealer party at the Ivy in Sydney.

Sales staff from JB Hi-Fi, Strathfield and various car audio specialists enjoyed Pioneer’s hospitality while checking out the latest in-car audio and navigation units from the brand which distinguishes itself as an audio specialist.

One of the most exciting products to be launched at this event was Pioneer’s new in-car media centre (MVH-8250BT, RRP $679). This head unit harnesses the now almost complete trend away from CDs and cassettes, focusing its music playback solely on soft formatted music. Connectivity is available for iPods, plus there are slots for SD Cards and USB flash drives, and an auxiliary in port. This model also features Bluetooth. Supporting this model, but without Bluetooth, is the MVH-8250, which is RRP $549.

For those drivers who still want to play CDs in their car, Pioneer has released eight new head units ranging from RRP $299 to $1,349. The major development of this range is the inclusion of SD Card slots. This is in addition to the units’ iPod, iPhone and USB connectivity.

Completing the new Pioneer in-car line-up are four new AVH multimedia units. As the name implies, these units feature an audio/visual component, including a touchscreen, to deliver music and video. Playback can be from CD, DVD, USB, SD Card, iPod and iPhones. The hero product in this range is the AVH-5250BT, which includes built-in Bluetooth, and is RRP $1,349.