By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: Miele has released a new rangehood that is fully integrated into the wall of the kitchen. This means that when not in use, the rangehood folds to lay parallel with the wall, rather than jutting out is with a traditional rangehood.

This new flagship model from the German manufacturer is called the Cabrio Wall Decor Rangehood. It is the flagship model in a new series of rangehoods.

“When switching the unit on, the motorised, integrated canopy gently opens and automatically extends above the cooktop. A second motor tilts each of the glass panels so the unit can efficiently extract steam and vapours. The parallel movement of every second glass panel ensures highly effective vapour extraction. After use, the unit perfectly retracts back into the kitchen wall,” explained a Miele spokesperson.

This 90-centimetre unit features LED lighting along the lower edge of the glass panel and halogen downlighting in the top glass panel. Furthermore, there are separate halogen lights integrated into the upper glass panel that can switched on during use.

The RRP of this rangehood (DA6000W) is $10,999.

Also new to Miele’s rangehood cache is the Decor (DA5990W) model. This model is more in the traditional form factor style of rangehoods. This model is 90 centimetres wide, wall-mounted and comprises a glass and stainless steel combination. It is RRP $1,399.

The third model in the range is the Island Rangehood (DA5000D). This unit features a stainless steel canopy that opens automatically when the rangehood is switched on. It has glass touch controls and is dishwasher safe. This model is intended to be used over cooking spaces set apart from the wall bench, with a moving canopy to retract and expand for use and when dormant. This model is RRP $7,499.