In popularity among consumers.

More Australians are playing video, computer or board games at home. In the last 12 months an Australian played a video, computer or board game at home a total of 704 million times,  up a total of 43 million since the year to September 2016, according to Roy Morgan research.

Increasing in popularity over the last 18 months also included going to the movies and concerts and taking a holiday. In contrast there were several activities that declined in popularity including going to the beach, the races and league clubs and attending professional sporting events.

Although Australians are spending more time online as reported in recent research, leisure activities continue to increase, led by Australians heading out for a bite to eat or a social drink, Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine said.

“Last week we outlined the cumulative time spent by Australians with various types of media with time online whether at home, at work or elsewhere clocking in at 21.9 billion hours for the nation and exceeding the time spent at work of 20.5 billion hours for the first time.

“In the last 12 months Slightly less than 12% of the year was spent working, around 33% was media use of one sort or another, 3% was holidays, and we still squeezed in over 4.38 billion sporting, social, food and leisure activities,” Levine said.