By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Panasonic managing director Steve Rust has reaffirmed the brand’s position on whether plasma or LCD works better in the large screen flat panel format. Talking to, Rust was unequivocal in his thoughts on the debate.

“In large screen size, if you look at the stats, plasma is the preferred choice, you only need to look at the stats to see that.

“We did some market research…we actually went out and talked to hundreds of consumers [about] their viewing preferences and they came back and indicated to us, I think it was 69 per cent preferred, on larger screens, plasma.

“If you look at the market data and you talk to consumers, in large screen formats, they’ll tell you they prefer plasma. And when you ask them ‘why?’, they’ll say things like, ‘the blacks are blacker’, ‘the contrasts are better’ and with fast-moving images in particular, they prefer plasma to LCD,” said Rust.

Unlike some of their competitors, Panasonic are not committed to only one of the two formats. The electronics giant makes panels in both formats and support both technologies. Where the divide exists, however, is in the appropriate application of the technology.

“Our view is that LCD is ideal in small rooms and [with] smaller screen sizes and in brightly lit rooms,” said Rust.