One of the first things you’ll notice about the new α230, α330 and α380 DSLR models from Sony – apart from how light and compact they are – is the familiar position of the controls. Key buttons are on the right hand side as they are on most compacts, for easy single-handed operation.

Next is LiveView on the α330 and α380. Many compact camera users will be surprised to find that they can’t preview pictures on some DSLRs. So this feature will reassure them they can still compose shots onscreen, though switching to viewfinder mode is one-switch simple.

α LiveView is variable angle too, for shooting overhead or low down.


Sony has always focused on making the user-experience of its advanced products as simple as possible, and this philosophy has been extended to the α range with its easy-to-understand menus. Onscreen tips help new users understand the shooting modes, and demonstrate the relationship between aperture and shutter speed.

Many owners will find their photography improves simply by holding their DSLR in the correct way to avoid camera shake. But those who are used to shooting at arms length will really benefit from the built-in image stabilisation of the whole α DSLR range.

The system monitors camera body movement and adjusts the α image sensor to compensate, so it can be used with any lens. In contrast, some anti-shake systems are lens-based so owners are restricted in their lens choice.

And on the subject of choice, Sony will fuel your customers’ creativity with an exceptionally wide range of α-compatible lenses. From macro to sports telephoto, from the Sony value range to legendary Carl Zeiss lenses, every budget and creative scenario is accommodated.

If your customers are making the move to DSLR, they’ll thank you for recommending the new α range from Sony. Find out more at