Sony Australia has just announced the opening of its new multi-million DADC Blu-ray Disc plant in Huntingwood, New South Wales. The plant represents the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

The new plant has been launched in Sydney due to the continued demand the technology has attracted since its launch in Australia in February 2007.

The production plant includes three Blu-ray lines; one dedicated solely to the production of PlayStation 3 games and two for movies and other content. It is expected to have a production capacity of 12 million discs a year.

“Australian consumers are already adopting Blu-ray faster than DVD, pushing Australia forward as one of the global leaders of the format growth, with the third highest per capita attachment rate behind the USA and UK,” said Michael Ephraim, managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand.

“Research shows that as a brand, Sony is by far the most associated with Blu-ray technology, leading the market. The opening of this local production plant should send a clear message to consumers that Blu-ray is now a permanent fixture on the format landscape and that their investment in Blu-ray hardware will be relevant for many years to come.”

Ephraim also highlighted the strong role the Sony PlayStation 3 has had in the adoption of Blu-ray in the community.

“From a Sony Computer Entertainment perspective, PlayStation 3 has played a critical part in the success of the format, both locally and globally, and has demonstrated its value in over half a million Australian living rooms as a true entertainment hub offering,” he said.

“Blu-ray games, only available on PS3, have shown consumers what an amazing experience the larger storage format can deliver and to date over 3.5 million have been sold in Australia. In addition, PS3 hardware has enjoyed numerous accolades for its capability as a Blu-ray movie player.”

Carl Rose, managing director of Sony Australia also commented on the strong uptake of the technology.

“One in every three households now owns a high definition LCD TV and this growth has really helped drive Blu-ray player uptake.  After investing in a high definition TV, consumers should make the most of this by enjoying the best possible content on their TV.  Blu-ray delivers this rich experience,” he said.