In this social gallery from the Signature Appliances launch event, Appliance Retailer joined numerous suppliers and Narta management to celebrate the showroom opening.

Darren Spencer (Narta), Kay Spencer (Narta) & Yves Dalcourt (Miele).
Michael Jackson (Narta) & Owen Holbourn (Asko).
Chris Coen (Electrolux), Ben Miller (Bing Lee) & Rob Butchatsky (Asko).
Wayne Campbell (Smeg), Sam Zalin (Bing Lee) & Emer Zavaroni (Smeg).
Chris Kotis & Tim Eu (Miele).
Tom Douch & Bonnie Sudirwan (Smeg).
Sam Zalin (Bing Lee), Jo Edwards (Andi-Co) & Owen Holbourn (Asko).
Emer Zavaroni (Smeg) & Anita Savoldi (Bing Lee) with the famous Smeg parmigiano reggiano.
Chris Horne (Smeg) & Ben Miller (Bing Lee).
Emily Bencic (Appliance Retailer), Chris Roberts (Zip), Rachael Williams (Arisit), Simon Taylor (Arisit), Tim Luce (Andi-Co) and Sam Zalin (Bing Lee).
Chris Roberts (Zip), Sam Zalin (Bing Lee), Chris Coen (Electrolux) & Cliff Thompson (Zip).
Andrew Wall & Phillip Ross (Franke).
Peter Harris & Alexis Lovell (Bing Lee).

Feature image: Wayne Campbell (Smeg), Peter Harris (Bing Lee), Chris Horne (Smeg) & Leon Wolf (Smeg).