With Whirlpool president and key execs.

KitchenAid was host to an exclusive media event to launch its major appliances with a dedicated Experience Centre at Camberwell Electrics in Melbourne.

L-R: Neil Fonseca (Whirlpool), Hans Vanderstadt (Camberwell Electrics) Samuel Wu (Whirlpool) and Liam Bryers (Whirlpool)

L-R: Alice Zaslavsky (MC) with Liam-Bryers and Jarrod Glennister (Whirlpool)

Alice Zaslavsky from Alice in Frames was the MC for the evening

Samuel Wu (Whirlpool)

KitchenAid Oven Range

KitchenAid Fjord Refrigerator

A demonstration from Diane Rae (Grandvewe Cheeses)