Signify has announced that existing and new Philips Hue smart lights and accessories will be compatible with Matter via a software update to the Hue Bridge.

Matter (formerly known as Connected Home over IP) is a new industry-unifying standard that enables smart devices to work together seamlessly. Philips Hue users will benefit from greater interoperability to easily set up their smart home.
Philips Hue claims to offer the most comprehensive smart lighting. The Hue Bridge is the smart lighting hub that connects and controls Philips Hue products, from indoor and outdoor lights to entertainment features, and smart accessories.

The user’s Hue Bridge software will simply be updated automatically with Matter for a simplified connected experience when integrating with other smart home devices. All previous settings and personalisation will remain after the update.

Signify is a Connectivity Standards Alliance board member, a Matter and Zigbee steering committee member and an active member in developing the specification and certification. The company has contributed from the start to develop the new industry-unifying standard to enable seamless integration with smart lighting and to enhance the Philips Hue user experience further.

“Within Philips Hue, we are always looking to provide our users with the latest innovative and enhanced connected experiences with other smart home systems.,” Signify head of technology for Philips Hue, George Yianni said.

“By actively participating in demos and testing the interoperability of Philips Hue with other smart home devices via Matter, we were able to raise the smart home experience with Philips Hue to the next level. I believe this single, unified connectivity standard will transform smart home technology from an emerging technology to mass household adoption.”

Matter is currently expected to be launched by the Connectivity Standards Alliance in the last quarter of 2021. The Hue Bridge’s software update will become available globally soon after the launch of Matter.