ARsignupPhilips has connected a web-enabled LED lighting system at a bus stop in the inner-city suburb of Newtown until June 14th, showcasing the company’s latest product called Philips Hue and renaming the the bus stop #Huetown.

The busy Enmore Road bus stop near King Street, has been transformed with an interactive light and sound experience which synchronises 24 Wi-Fi connected Hue globes with a selection of music styles.

#Huetown image 1Philips have installed a panel display so visitors to the bus stop can select the music they prefer from six different genres, representing some of Sydney’s landmarks. At the same time they can experience #Huetown’s immersive light experience.

Philips consumer marketing manager, Michelle Drummond said: “Our homes have changed radically over the past century. So too has the lighting technology in our homes. #Huetown uses Philips Hue to engage commuters in a dynamic light and sound experience that showcases the connectivity of the product, pushing the boundaries of how light can be used.

#Huetown image 3

“#Huetown will inspire ideas for how Philips Hue can connect to your home to enhance a space, heighten a mood or simply ease day to day life, like never before,” she added.

To maximise the impact of the #Huetown experience, local businesses such as the King Street Theatre, Dendy Newtown and The Vanguard, have all become #Huetown ambassadors who will share the Hue experience with their patrons.

As a thank you to the Newtown community for the use of the bus stop for the campaign, Philips will donate the Hue products used to local community groups.

#Huetown image 4