To new monitor displays.

MMD Australia, licensing partner for Philips monitors has released the Philips Momentum display with UltraClear 4K resolution and an immersive combination of exclusive display innovations. The display defines visual clarity at its most modern, bringing a detailed experience for ultra-crisp gaming, professional CAD solutions, 3D graphics applications and home viewing.

In a world first, the 436M6VBPAB Momentum displays HDR1000 (High Dynamic Range) video, bringing the next generation of immersive experience to viewers. HDR1000 is the highest display HDR specification to be certified by the Video Electronics Standards Association, yielding significantly greater brightness and contrast with extended luminance and color range for realistic images.

According to the company, the Momentum HDR video claims to deliver a dramatically different visual experience to other displays as images come to life with much greater brightness while featuring far deeper, more nuanced darks and a fuller palette of rich new colours.

Working in conjunction with the Momentum line’s advanced Ambiglow, Quantum Dot and gaming technologies (Adaptive-Sync and Low Input Lag), consumers can submerge themselves in an innovative, immersive and interactive user experience.

Feature details:

  • Quantum Dot technology precisely emits light to produce a more dynamic range of colors
  • 4K resolution at 3840×2160 pixels adds greater detail and clarity to images
  • MultiView works with multiple inputs such as a PC, notebook or TV/media devices, simultaneously on the same screen with active dual connect
  • For gaming enthusiasts Adaptive-Sync eliminates screen tearing and low input lag to ensure smooth responsiveness
  • DTS surround sound with rich bass, dialog enhancement and maximised volume levels free of clipping or distortion
  • Flicker-Free technology reduces eye strain and makes the screen more comfortable to view
  • USB-C, HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort allow the display to connect to most video and audio sources such as gaming consoles, OTT boxes, DVD players and video cameras.