The ASX yesterday released information that the online DVD rental company, QuickFlix, will launch a digital movie download service, as well as a new partnership with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group Australia.

The digital download service will commence on 3 June 2009 with the release of the film ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, which will be available for online purchase or rent on the same day as the DVD and Blu-ray release.

Stephen Langsford, Quickflix founder and executive director, commented that this new digital download service offered by Quickflix and Warner Bros, will provide consumers with greater choice in the way they access and experience a wide range of films.

“Digital downloads will give our customers a whole new level of control over their content viewing patterns and habits,” he said.

“Quickflix online movie customers are already requesting more than 150,000 movies each month, which are delivered to their home in DVD and Blu-ray format. By offering digital downloads at the same time as the DVD and Blu-ray release we will be providing more options and even greater convenience for the online consumer.”

One of the key advantages that Langsford mentioned about this new service is its fight against online piracy.

“The launch of legitimate digital movie downloads in Australia is a big day in the fight against online piracy,” he said.

“Downloading via this service is much more attractive than illegal piracy to film fans because it is consistently reliable and the end product is of such high quality.”