According to a recent Telstra report, Australia is a nation that is addicted to SMS text messaging, with an average user sending between 3 to 7 messages a day.

According to Telstra’s State of the Nation Report, it seems Australians are more in love with text messaging than ever, with one in three respondents claiming that they choose SMS to communicate major life events – compared to using the phone, email or social networking sites.

Out of these life events a SMS about a new birth (25%) or promotion (18%) are the most popular.

Telstra consumer executive director, Glenice Maclellan, commented on the findings in the report.

“Texting has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. As a valued form of communication Telstra has undertaken the State of the nation research to track Australians texting nature – the how, when, where and why,” she said.

“This has revealed some interesting results and social insights about Australia as a text crazy and savvy nation.”

In other results, the report highlighted that most consumer’s text everywhere they go, with 44 per cent claiming to text just to look busy, 34 per cent text at the movies, 21 per cent in a business meeting and even 15 per cent use SMS at a funeral, christening or wedding.

Mark McCrindle, renowned social researcher, commented on how the report is an interesting reflection of Australia’s wider lifestyle trends.

“Telstra’s State of the Nation report reveals the uptake and influence of mobile technology on Australians, particularly texting,” he said.

“The fact that one in three prefer texting to other communications forms signals the natural fit of this technology to our increasingly time poor, busy lifestyles.”