By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: So far the Harvey Norman chain and the state of NSW have been the biggest winners in the ‘LG Reward Yourself’ BMW giveaway promotion with Harvey Norman selling most product and NSW producing most winners — but there are still 8 cars to be won.

LG has just 8 of the original 36 BMW 320i cars left to give away in its ‘LG Reward Yourself’ promotion for purchases on premium LG products.

To date, 28 winners have been announced. That leaves just 8 more cars to be won. Details have been released on 26 winners so far and they are:

• NSW (10 winners): Sonia, Jeannette, Gloria, George, Sally, Rhonda, Amanda, Karren, Peter and Ian
• Queensland (7 winners): Irena, Roderick, Betty, Jennifer, Von, Tina and Vincent
• Victoria (5 winners): Peter, Gavan, James, Robyn and Ana
• Western Australia (3 winners): Kon, Julie and Angela
• Northern Territory (1 winner): Clayton

The majority of winners are from New South Wales, but this reflects the fact that 32 per cent of entries to the competition so far have come from NSW. In close second is Victoria with 27 per cent of the entries. This means that the Northern Territory winner, Clayton, beat the odds with only 0.45 per cent of entries coming from the Northern Territory.

On the retail leader board, Harvey Norman tops the chart with the store chain having sold 28.92 per cent of the qualifying premium LG products so far. Harvey Norman is also the ‘luckiest’ retailer, with 31 per cent of the BMW wins. The Good Guys are currently in second with 16.05 per cent of the entries, and 23 per cent of the wins.

Ana, from Victoria, is still recovering from the shock of winning a BMW.

“I feel very grateful with LG for giving me the opportunity to participate in the…promotion, at the same time I feel so glad and lucky to be one of the winners,” said Ana. “I’ll never ever forget this wonderful time in my life and I’ll always be one of the most loyal LG customers.”

Another BMW winner, Ian from NSW, said he was going to purchase an LG TV anyway.

“I would have bought the TV regardless of the competition because from the research I have done I found that LG provided the right product at the right price,” said Ian. “It was everything I wanted and from the research I had done I was aware of the quality of the product. For me purchasing of this product was a ‘no brainer’.”

Karren from NSW, another BMW winner, has nothing but positive memories herself from the promotion and the purchase.

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your BMW 320i promotion,” she said. “I am extremely excited and grateful. Each time I look at my Blu-ray or listen to the home theatre system I get excited all over again. You never know what the future may bring … unless you are LG I guess.”

The competition has now ended because it was for purchases between 4 September and 1 November 2009. But anyone who has purchased a relevant LG product in that time still has until 11:59 pm AEDST 6 November 2009 to go to the official promotion website,, to register their purchase and go into the draw for the remaining 8 BMWs.