By Chris Nicholls

MILFORD, CONNETICUT:  AbleComm, who issued a press release last Thursday claiming they helped shrink Panasonic’s plasma technology to fit into mobile phones, has issued a full retraction, saying the statement was “entirely false”.

The news story, which was picked up by this publication and every major technology news website, stated AbleComm had helped Panasonic develop a low voltage plasma screen suitable for mobile phones, printers, digital cameras, petrol pumps and other applications.

In the retraction, issued indirectly through PR Newswire, AbleComm said “journalists and other readers should disregard the news release, Panasonic To Put Plasma Video Displays in Cell Phones … as the entire news release is completely false.”

Matsushita Public Relations Group manager, Akira Kadota, also told that the release was “completely false and inaccurate”. has removed the original story from its servers.