By Martin Vedris

BRISBANE, QLD: Crest Electronics Australia has launched a new multi charger for mobile phones and devices like cameras and MP3 players. It features an interchangeable system that allows retailers to sell customised charging connectors for each customer’s individual needs.

Crest developed the Powerdock, which allows people to charge four different devices at once, to save space and eliminate a tangle of charging cords.

It features a ‘charging slice’ system which allows the purchaser to select charging adapters to suite the four devices they need to charge. Imagine a pizza cut into four slices. Each charging slice is shaped like a wedge, with a different charging connector on it. And each charging slice slides into place on the Powerdock, so that you can configure it to charge whichever four different devices you need to charge.

Only three of the charging slices are removable and interchangeable because the Powerdock has one permanent USB charging outlet. This leaves three quarters of space for the three other interchangeable charging slices to suit many different types of mobile phone, from the iPhone to Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson as well as universal connectors such as mini USB and Micro USB, and also connectors for the Sony PSP, Nintendo DS Lite and the Nintendo DSi.

Retailers sell consumers the Powedock for RRP $79.95 and they can sell additional individual charging slices for RRP $14.95 each.