Panasonic has launched its new premium PRIME+ Edition refrigerator range available in French Door and Bottom Mount configurations.

With a unique top mount compressor design, freezer capacity is expanded for increased storage space and improved freezing performance.

Panasonic Australia product marketing manager, Ginger Yu said, “The innovative technology in our PRIME+ Edition range extends the life of food so that it remains as fresh as the day it was brought home. The range features some of the most energy efficient fridges in the market, reducing the total cost of ownership and technology that minimises food wastage by keeping food fresher for longer.”

The new range features Panasonic’s new Prime Freeze drawer in the freezer section. A high thermal conductivity aluminum tray quickly removes heat from food while a dedicated duct generates a powerful flow of cold air and circulates it via a fan – freezing food five times faster than a standard freezer.

Prime Freeze has three modes: Rapid Freezing, to ensure food such as fruit, meat and bread retains its flavour, nutrition, texture and colour; Quick Cooling, which chills drinks and food in 15 minutes, and Cool Down, which quickly removes heat from dishes out of the stove.

All models also incorporate Panasonic’s Prime Fresh technology to extend the freshness of items such as meat and seafood. ‘Soft freezing’ at -3°C locks in nutrients and flavour, suppresses oxidation and makes cooking easier and quicker by removing the need to defrost first. Unlike regular freezing, Prime Fresh does not damage cells, preventing deterioration of food and retaining freshness for longer.

The range is equipped with Panasonic’s unique nanoeX technology which inhibits up to 99.99% of bacteria and suppresses odours for safe, hygienic storage.

Other features include the Fresh Safe fruit and vegetable drawer, located in the middle section of the refrigerator, which automatically maintains up to 90% humidity, to retain moisture and keep produce fresh for longer.

The NR-CW530HVSA French Door stainless steel model is available now from leading consumer electronics retailers for RRP $2,859, with the NR-CW530HVKA French Door dark stainless and NR-BW530HVSA Bottom Mount stainless steel models available in late June.