Canstar Blue
Canstar Blue air conditioner ratings.

Over the summer months Canstar Blue checked how Australians were handling the heat, asking almost 600 people around the nation “How satisfied are you with your air conditioner?”

Panasonic air conditioners came out on top in the survey and have been awarded the 2014 Canstar Blue “Most satisfied Customers” award. Panasonic achieved the maximum five star rating in more key criteria than any other air conditioner manufacturer.

The survey specifically focussed on: value for money, reliability, after sales service, energy efficiency, appearance, and overall satisfaction.

Shane Quinn, Panasonic’s national business manager, air conditioning said, “We’re very proud that Australian consumers value Panasonic air conditioners so highly. With our Econavi range, we combine smart and innovative energy-saving features with a stylish design and the reliability you’d expect from the Panasonic brand. Thanks to all our customers for choosing Panasonic.”

Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu General, Daikin, Samsung, LG and Kelvinator were also included in the survey.

According to the survey, both Fujitsu General and Daikin quietly excelled, having received five star ratings for how little noise their air conditioners make.

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The survey also offered an insight into how Australians use their air conditioners. During the summer months half of the respondents used their air conditioners every day and more than a third used it weekly. Respondents from Victoria were most likely to use their air conditioner weekly (51 per cent), while South and Western Australian residents are most likely to switch theirs on every day (57 per cent).

In winter one third of respondents said they do not use their air conditioner at all, however one  in five respondents still use their air conditioner each week.

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