Panasonic is launching the LUMIX GH7 – a new flagship LUMIX G series camera into the micro four thirds mirrorless family.

The GH Series pioneered the video hybrid camera category in response to demand for high-quality video content with portability. The GH7 is equipped with Apple ProRes RAW internal recording and world-first 32-bit float recording directly into video files, eliminating the need to adjust sound recording levels during shooting.

The LUMIX GH7 delivers wide dynamic range with a newly developed 25.2MP BSI CMOS sensor and improved AF performance with the inclusion of on-sensor PDAF (Phase Detection Auto-Focus).

Further enhancing flexibility for video creators, Panasonic is introducing a new SFU3 software upgrade key (sold separately) compatible with both the LUMIX GH6 and LUMIX GH7. This unlocks a new Log profile for the LUMIX range with access to ARRI’s LogC3, providing seamless colour matching with ARRI’s digital cinema cameras.

The image processing of the ARRI LogC3 curve on the LUMIX GH7 has been certified by ARRI for the implementation of this function. The option for Log recording has been expanded to include ARRI LogC3 in addition to the conventional V-Log, further improving LUMIX’s workflow compatibility.

Panasonic product marketing manager for imaging, Aaron Waters said the GH Series has been pioneering the video hybrid category since 2009.

“Since that time, in collaboration with our GH community we have developed many sought-after features and the GH7 is no exception. With the inclusion of internal ProRes RAW and the world’s first 32-bit float internal recording, the GH7 sets a new benchmark in workflow for the video producer.

“It vastly improves the quality that they can capture in-camera as a single or small crew operator. The optional ARRI LogC3 provides creators with access to cinema ARRI looks, a streamlined workflow and the ability to use the LUMIX GH7 alongside ARRI digital cinema cameras in high-end productions.”

The LUMIX GH7 will be available in Australia in July 2024 from leading photographic retailers for RRP $3,899 (body only).