Designed for on-the-go listening.

Panasonic Australia will be rolling out new wireless earphones and on-ear headphones over the next month. The WINGS BTS line of Bluetooth sports wireless earphones were developed for athletes who want to enjoy music even during intense workouts, while the latest on-ear headphones have a three-way foldable design that provides space saving storage.

The wireless earphone series features two models, the BTS50 (available in white and black) and BTS30 (available in white, black, yellow, and red), which feature 3D-Flex Sports Clips. The new ear hook loops are made of a flexible material so they can be bent by the fingers into the desired shape.


Panasonic product marketing manager for headphones, Samantha Dawson said, “These resilient sports earphones are available in a range of colours, designed for anyone who wants to play their favourite tunes to inspire their workout performance, inside or out, rain or shine.”

The Blue Edge LEDs located on the edge sections of the BTS50 model add style and visibility when worn at night. The BTS50 is water resistant with an IPX5-rated rugged, waterproof shield and the BTS30 model is also water resistant with an IPX4 rating.

The earphones support Quick Charge using the supplied USB cable. By charging the battery for only 15 minutes, the earphones provide 70 minutes of use. Fully charged, the earphones provide up to 6 hours of playback.

The on-ear headphones are available in black, white, blue or red. All models include a Neodymium magnet to enhance audio quality. The sleek RP-HF500 model features a hairline aluminium finish, 40mm driver units for powerful sound as well as a flat sound-enhancing cable; while the RP-HF300 and RP-HF100 deliver crisp and clear sound with a 30mm drive unit.


The headphones’ light weight makes them ideal for outdoor use, and the flexible swivel design folds to fit the size and shape of your bag. They are comfortable to wear for extended use with soft ear pads.

Selected models have a microphone on the cord to support smartphone calls.