By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Nilfisk has turned to social media to introduce its range of floorcare products to a new generation of consumers. The first exercise in this new venture is a YouTube video, which seeks to demonstrate the fun of house cleaning whilst incorporating some subtle references to the Nilfisk brand.

Since being posted three weeks ago, the video has received almost 1,000 views. Nilfisk retail sales and marketing co-ordinator Emily Boulanger said the lifetime goal for the video was 5,000 views.

Nilfisk will be overhauling its marketing and publicity campaigns in 2011, with newly appointed national retail sales manager Anita Gounder telling that the supplier will be looking to emphasise its longstanding heritage (now 104 years old) and its Danish foundations when communication with consumers.

Click here to check out the Nilfisk YouTube video.

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