If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — that’s UnderCurrent’s motto — and, when it comes to gifts with purchase, Panasonic is not one to reinvent the wheel.

As reliable as day following night, UnderCurrent thinks you could set your watch via Panasonic Tupperware promotions, such is their regularity.

A quick look through this website’s archives reveals:

2 November 2007: Panasonic offers free Tupperware with inverter microwaves
14 April 2011: Panasonic and Tupperware Mother’s Day promotion
31 October 2011: Panasonic promotes smalls with silly season Tupperware giveaway
30 October 2012: Panasonic hosts a Tupperware party for Christmas consumers
2 April 2013: Panasonic giving away Ugg boots and Tupperware with washers and microwaves

And what media released slipped into UnderCurrent’s inbox this morning?

“Panasonic has Christmas wrapped up with bonus Tupperware when you purchase an Inverter Microwave.”

The applicable models this time around are NN-SF550W, NN-ST663W, NN-ST683S, NN-ST671S and NN-SD691S. Consumers of these models will receive a 3-piece Tupperware set valued at RRP $65.

The promotion runs from 1 November 2013 to 24 December 2013.

As always, UnderCurrent recommends interested parties check out Panasonic’s official promotions page for all the finer details.

Panasonic loves Tupperware promotions.