By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: Australia was chosen as the launch market for the new Dyson Air Multiplier because of the timing but also something special about Australian consumers.

Sir James Dyson himself was to be flying to Australia under a veil of secrecy to launch the new Air Multiplier to the media next Monday. But the covert operation was blown open by stories on the Air Multiplier leaked from the USA.

Dyson Australia had been working with local retailers to launch the new bladeless fan and was not only surprised by the leaked news overnight but was also caught out by the response from retailers.

“We initially thought it would be a challenging time to launch in October because most seasonal products in Australia are usually ordered before October so we ordered a small amount to get them started but the initial orders were double what we brought in, so we’re now air freighting product in to meet demand,” said Dyson SEA managing director Ross Cameron.

Cameron also said Australia was chosen as the launch market for two reasons.

“All the other countries are moving into their winter season and secondly, we have always been good at launching new products, Australians love new technology and will often take it up faster than other countries.”