By Chris Nicholls

TOKYO: Canon has reached another milestone, claiming it has now shipped 100 million digital compact cameras.

The company started back in 1996, with its PowerShot 600, which had a tiny 0.5 megapixel sensor, fixed 50 mm lens and only one megabyte of internal memory.

Over the years, Canon has introduced 106 different models, including the Ixy Digital in 2000, PowerShot A70 in 2003 (the world’s largest selling camera that year), Ixy Digital L series for women and high-end PowerShot G7 in 2006.

Today’s models all have at least seven megapixels, a minimum of 3.4 x optical zoom, face detection and red-eye correction.

“As a leading company in the field of digital cameras, Canon intends to continue delivering attractive products to satisfy all users, not only by advancing technology to capture precious moments, but also by strengthening its sales system, including increased product quality and services,” the company said in a statement.