By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Forty-six per cent of revenue generated from the kettle category in department stores, chain stores and independent retailers last year was from kettles over $80, according to GfK figures (November 2010 MAT).

Breville beverage business manager, Dave Gubbin, said selling one $80 kettle will make the same revenue as two cheaper models and that retailers should take advantage of the trend in sales of more expensive kettles instead of fighting against other mass outlets who present price based merchandise.

“Across many categories consumers are trading up and buying appliances with better features and finishes, and the same goes for kettles,” said Gubbin. “When buying kettles what a consumer is prepared to spend on a simple appliance could surprise. They’re no longer just for boiling water – appliances are stand-out features on kitchen benches and look is as important as performance.”

“Kettles are the market’s largest category (in volume) and with well over 2 million kettles purchased each year, they drive more people into store than any other small appliance category.”

Last week took an exclusive look at Breville’s kettle line up for 2011 and noted novel features such as side water windows and finally, a move away from stainless steel.

249,150 kettle units were sold in the $80 and above segment annually, according to GFK (November 2010 MAT).

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