By James Wells

ALICE SPRINGS: Rockingham Retravision proprietor, Greg Tomich, said yesterday the Large Format Stores (LFS) pilot program introduced by Retravision Western management has added three per cent GP and hundreds of thousands of dollars to his bottom line.

Tomich stood up at the conclusion of the presentation conducted by Retravision Western marketing manager, Craig Larkin, and told delegates that the focus on the LFS program has delivered an addition three percentage points to the bottom line at his store which turns over $12 million annually – representing additional revenue of $360,000.

“In a mature business like mine, if you told me 12 months ago I could increase my business by 25 per cent, I would have laughed,” Tomich said during a question and answer session held after Larkin’s presentation.

Tomich extended the analogy earlier used by Larkin that the Retravision Western group has improved and is less like the under-performing Western Australian AFL team the Fremantle Dockers and more like the current Premiers – the West Coast Eagles.

“The biggest thing I got out of this was that we were the Dockers – we kicked backwards, sideways and all of a sudden we pulled together as the West Coast Eagles,” Tomich said.

“There has been a complete difference and I am three points of profit ahead across my entire business.”