By Patrick Avenell

Samsung Australia has this afternoon confirmed it is currently undergoing a restructure within its IT department. One of those made redundant in this move is former national sales manager – monitors – Joe Serra, who spoke to today.

In a brief statement, Samsung public relations manager Jesse James said this restructure involved both the creation of new roles and the removal of others.

“Samsung is currently undertaking a restructure in our IT division in-line with our planned expansion into the IT category,” said James. “This restructure created a number of new opportunities and removal of certain existing roles.

“Samsung Australia continues to strive hard to maintain and grow its business and is committed to the Australian market to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and retailers.”

One of those let go in this restructure was Joe Serra, who formerly looked after Samsung’s commercial monitors business. Since leaving Samsung, Serra became the subject of rumour and innuendo when a story about his departure appeared on an internet news site. Serra rejected much of what was written in that story, saying his departure from the Korean supplier was on good terms.

“From my side, yes, it was amicable,” he said. “It got a little bit narky on another site, but I had nothing to do with that article.”

“It was a commercial decision. A new director came in and made wholesale changes – I understand that from a corporate point of view.”

When asked what the future held, Serra said he was looking forward to getting back in the game.

“At the moment, I’m trying to find a similar role, that is product manager, in a similar field at vendor level.”

Additional reporting by James Wells