By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Electrolux has debuted a prototype built-in water dispenser at DesignEX, which can carbonate regular tap water to help save the environment.

The dispenser, part of Electrolux’s ‘Compact’ range of smaller built-in appliances, is designed to help the environment by offering filtered still and carbonated tap water, reducing the amount of bottled water people buy, said Electrolux Asia Pacific design director, Lars Erikson.

“This is our little contribution to the environment – you don’t have to buy carbonated water,’ he said.

“People buy a lot of carbonated bottled water these days, but many governments around the world advocate drinking tap water, and so we thought ‘Why not use tap water and carbonate it?’”

The prototype, which can also dispense ice, is due for production later this year, but Erikson said he could not confirm whether it would come to Australia at this stage, saying it would launch in Europe first.