OPPO will release the all-new ColourOS 12 operating system to provide mobile users with a more seamless experience closer to Android 12, with smoother performance and rich features to support everyday productivity.

The launch means OPPO has become one of the first OEMs to run on Android 12 with a plan to roll out ColourOS across several devices from December 2021.

Building on top of OPPO’s Infinite Design concept, which is lightweight, clean and customisable, the new OS provides a more inclusive experience with softer icons, animations and information framework that are friendly to different languages and cultures.

The Quantum Animation Engine adopts more than 300 improved animations to achieve more lifelike effects. By imitating physical habits of resistance, inertia and rebound, the feature makes the overall experience smoother and more aligned to the cognition and habits of the human brain.

Thanks to the long-term code decoupling efforts, ColourOS 12 has been able to address lags and stutters after prolonged usage, leading to a low 2.75% system aging rate in three years, an average of 30% lower memory occupation and 20% lower battery consumption.

Practical features such as PC Connect, 3-Finger Translate powered by Google Lens, FlexDrop and Phone Manager allow ColourOS 12 users to stay productive.

Privacy has been another priority on ColourOS 12, which not only comes with improved security and privacy features from Android 12, including Privacy Dashboards, Approximate Location Sharing and Microphone and Camera Indicators, but also keeping the features developed within the OPPO team, such as Private System, Private Safe, App Lock and others.

OPPO aims to bring ColourOS 12 to over 110 models with 150 million users. The roll-out in Australia will start in December 2021 on the Find X3 Pro device with a range of other devices to be incorporated in 2022.