Ooni Pizza Ovens has unveiled the Koda 2 Max, the company’s largest pizza oven, set to launch in time for spring 2024.

The 24-inch gas-powered pizza oven features an innovative dual-zone cookingfunction made possible with the introduction of two independently controlled gas burners. The burners allow for multiple pizza styles or foods such as meats and vegetables to be cooked simultaneously at a range of temperatures. It can cook a 20-inch New York-style pizza, the largest pizza size for an Ooni oven yet.

“This oven is what pizza party dreams are made of but between the large cooking space and versatile dual burners, pizza is only the beginning. The Koda 2 Max can precisely cook an entire meal of main and side dishes to absolute perfection,” Ooni co-founder and co-CEO, Darina Garland said.

Ooni’s team of designers and engineers spent over 8,000 hours developing the Koda 2 Max’s state-of-the-art Ooni G2 gas technology. The new technology with two gas burners allows one-turn cooking, consistent stone temperature and enhanced fuel efficiency. The system also brings easy-light control dials and an auto sparking ignition.

The digital display provides instant air temperature readings from either side of the oven. For even more control, the digital temperature hub comes equipped with a pair of digital food probes which take internal temperature readings of meats.

In an Ooni first, the digital temperature hub connects to smartphones thanks to Ooni Connect technology. Simply sync the oven to the Ooni Connect app to access real-time cooking notifications, product updates, tips and more.

Other key features of the Koda 2 Max include reaching 500°C in just 30 minutes, a removable glass visor shield for an unrestricted view of the flames, a built-in stainless steel pizza ledge and a 20mm cordierite cooking surface, Ooni’s thickest yet, ensuring the oven stays hotter for longer.

 “Innovation is truly at the heart of Ooni and we are continuously in the pursuit of engineering excellence. It provides the fuel for creating trailblazing ovens and most importantly, optimising at-home cooking experiences for people around the world,” Ooni co-founder and co-CEO, Kristian Tapaninaho said.

“The Koda 2 Max has several advancements, including zonal cooking and smartphone connectivity, which offers users extreme flexibility and control. Our goal is to create products to elevate the joy of being together, and the Koda 2 Max enables our community to do this perfectly.”

The Ooni Koda 2 Max and will be available for purchase from early Spring for $1,499 on the Ooni Australia website.