By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Navman has launched its new S-Series GPS system, following a redesign of the company’s satellite navigation system after a year of consumer research with both existing and potential customers.

“We’ve gone beyond navigation as a way of getting from A to B and invested in truly understanding how people want to use these products. This market is now main stream and as such, we have to recognise the varying degrees of consumer wants and needs – whether that’s a first time buyer or an experienced user,” said Navman director of sales & marketing Australasia, Marcus Fry.

“We aren’t simply adding extra features to our devices just because we can — we have evolved and reworked our product range in line with what we know consumers want. That being, less clutter and richer content, delivered in a reliable, easy to use and intelligently designed package,” Fry added.

Navman states that the four models in the S-Series range — the S30 (RRP $399), S50 (RRP $499), S80 (RRP $699) and S90i (RRP $799) — have been designed to accommodate both first time users looking for the basics and experienced GPS buyers looking for uncluttered depth of features.

Among the improvements is a new exterior, as well as a re-designed interface. According to Navman, the 4.3" widescreen offers the clearest map display of any Navman device to date. Following the success of the dedicated parking and petrol shortcut buttons, Navman has expanded this thought to include additional shortcuts such as Money, Food, Tourist and SOS .Navman has also incorporated a mileage expense reporter, a space-saving foldable cradle and a speaking keyboard that speaks each letter and number as it typed, so that inputting addresses is more accurate.

The comprehensive safety camera information provides directional alerts when motorists are within 10 per cent of the speed limit and spoken voice directions give specific road names when approaching a turning.

Other intelligent features include an auto dimming screen, which automatically switches from day to night mode as evening falls, and a quick drop down menu showing the extra information only when it is needed.

Navman has integrated Bluetooth capability so that the S-Series devices are able to connect with a mobile phone and dial the number for contacts or Points Of Interest with one touch. Also, the dedicated SOS button provides a list of emergency services including hospitals, garages, dentists and police stations  in the area. Using the Bluetooth capabilities, the user just needs to select the service required and the GPS unit will instantly dial the number or navigate to the location.

The new S30 will be available from September and the S50, S80 and S90i will be available in early October at select retail outlets.