By Patrick Avenell

American music streaming service Rdio has today announced a considerable expansion to its music database. The subscription service, which competes with JB Now, Spotify, Samsung's MusicHub and Sony's Music Unlimited, now claims to have 18 million songs.

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This increase is largely due to deals struck with independent music reps TuneCore and CD Baby.

"We are excited to partner with TuneCore and CD Baby, two of the best distribution tools out there for independent artists," said Rdio CEO Drew Larner, before adding a local angle to the story. "Independent music is a vital part of Rdio’s catalogue. We're glad to support hundreds of thousands of self-released artists by connecting their work to new music fans in Australia and New Zealand and from all over the world.”


Rdio has distinguished itself as my favourite music streaming service. Although it is missing several of my favourite bands (Smashing Pumpkins, The Panics, Metallica), it has by far the best user interface and the best apps for iPhone and iPad. Before subscribing to any, however, I would recommend checking out all of the available options via the free trials – much like music tastes, choice of streaming services is also very subjective.