Omega is launching a state-of-the-art refrigeration solution, the Integrated CoolBox powered by IceTech*.

Inspired by the Australian esky, the CoolBox is controlled by adding or removing ice, setting new standards in energy efficiency.

Taking design cues from the esky, the CoolBox features no shelving to allow for storage flexibility and freedom. Its integrated design complements any indoor kitchen or outdoor setting.

The CoolBox is a testament to Omega’s commitment to sustainable living and dedication to providing environmentally friendly solutions. By harnessing the simplicity and effectiveness of temperature control by ice, this integrated refrigeration solution eliminates the need for electricity, making it the most energy-efficient option in the market.

*Omega’s 250L Integrated CoolBox is not a real product. It was announced in aid of April Fools. Nonetheless, it has garnered great attention and interest!