Omega is bringing the power, control and usability of commercial appliances into the domestic home with its Neil Perry Kitchen range by Omega. The range features the most powerful ovens on the market (up to 6400 watts) with innovative individual element control system. The range was unveiled to select retailers and media on Wednesday evening at Australia’s finest and most awarded restaurant, Rockpool, in the Sydney CBD.

Shriro Australia general manager of appliances for Omega, Blanco and Neil Perry Kitchen, Craig Handley said the company had a goal to fill a gap in the market.


“We wanted to create a product range to specifically cater to consumers wanting to cook like a professional chef. It was vital to involve a chef in the product design process and Neil was a perfect fit because he had clear ideas on his ultimate domestic appliances and is trusted by Australian consumers,” Handley told Appliance Retailer.

“Neil wanted the power, control and usability that closely matched the commercial appliances in his restaurant kitchens. This range therefore features the most powerful ovens on the market (up to 6400 watts), with a new innovation in control through the individual element control system. This gives the chef full control over the radiated heat within the cavity and enables professional style cooking not previously possible in a domestic oven.

“The gas cooktops feature the highest power (up to 24mJ) and a trivet design that gives the chef a stable and flat working surface enabling pots to be slid across it from burner to burner or on and off the heat. These products are driven by functionality and performance first – function over form,” he said.

There is already strong word of mouth and interest from consumers for the range, according to Handley.

“Over the next month selected Harvey Norman stores around Australia will be equipped with product displays. An ATL and social media campaign will begin before year end.

“I believe the product will stand apart from other products at similar price points due to its raw performance and functionality,” Handley concluded.