By Claire Reilly

At the end of 2011, CEO of Retravision Western Paul Holt announced that the three regional branches of Retravision (covering the west, south-east and north-east of Australia) would be merging to form a single national entity.

The newly-united company will be holding board meetings at the close of the month to confirm the fine print and legalities of the new merger, including the location of the head office. However, Holt (who is now national CEO) confirmed that the rebranding spearheaded by former Southern CEO Tim Cockayne would be rolled out nationally.

This rebranding project began in 2011, with Cockayne bringing in a new logo and new store livery across the 130 stores in the Retravision Southern network, aimed at attracting the younger market.

“The rebranding that started in our Southern region, we’re all very big supporters of that branding,” said Holt. “It’s that approach that we’re going to roll out right across the national business.”

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This was a view supported by the new national chairman, Ian Ray, who operates a store in the Victorian region of Swan Hill.

“The intent is that we go on with the new look Retravision, and without a doubt that will happen,” said Ray.

Also part of this new-look Retravision is an online store. previously reported that the company’s e-commerce venture would be operational by early 2012, and Ray has confirmed that the venture is still on track.

“The plans are in place that we will still continue with, and the online business should be online very shortly,” said Ray. “The plan is that it happens as quickly as possible, because we (like everybody else) need to be seen to be modernised to the stage that we’re online with our product. But whatever state that online store might be run out of, we haven’t made a decision on.”

Retravision's new-look logo.