By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Nintendo has this afternoon announced the impending release of its new DSi XL console. This model is described as having “larger screens than ever before”.

This new model will be available in retail stores on 15 April 2010. Only two colours will be available at launch, “burgundy” and “bronze”.

The screen size is 4.3-inches, which is apparently a 93 per cent improvement on the DS Lite screen. Pre-installed software on the XL includes Clubhouse Games, A Little Bit of…Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, Photo Clock and Flipnote Studio.

Features of the XL include a camera, DSi Sound and DSi Shop.

In other Nintendo news, the Japanese supplier has announced that from 11 March 2010, the Wii console will be available in black. This Wii ‘blackage’ will include Wii Sports, a black Wii Remote and a black Wii Nunchuk.