Cisco today launched their new Linksys by Cisco Media Hub into the Australian market, and unveiled the multiple different uses for this unique device.

Graeme Reardon, Cisco regional director ANZ, claims that the Media Hub is designed to simplify access to and interaction with digital content.

“This Media Hub gathers, organizes and presents all the digital video, photos and music that users have spread amongst various devices in the home.”

This new Media Hub is an all in one device that features the abilities to control just about every networked device in a home.

“This is no ordinary hub or hard drive, this device pulls all your content together and puts it into a single content device.”

According to Reardon, one of the Media Hub’s main attributes is the ease of use and the simplicity of searching. The Hub will crawl through all your linked devices and search for the content you are typing in.

Reardon demonstrated that you can connect just about any networked device to the Hub, whether it is a laptop or PC, a gaming console like an Xbox 360 or PS3, mobile phones or digital cameras. Once sharing capabilities are enabled the Media Hub will be able to stream information from any networked device in your home.

He also demonstrated the benefit of being able to watch videos or listen to music across various televisions or computers in the home. He even uploaded a video from his mobile phone and ran it through a television via an Xbox 360, in addition to running it on a laptop. It enabled one video to be played back through three devices all at the same time.

Another key feature that Reardon was very excited about was the ability to access your information all around the world, via a special Cisco web browser.

In addition to these features, the Linksys by Cisco Media Hub also features an LCD screen that displays information such as available space, drive usage and network status, as well as a 6-in-1 card reader and a 500GB hard drive.

The device will be released in March and will RRP for $699.