Charging your Nintendo DS Lite has never been so easy and convenient- The latest innovation in the world of electronic charging technology is finally here! Olin is proud to present the newest addition – the OLIN wireless Nintendo DS Lite charger.

This feature packed , Wireless charger means you will never need to plug your Nintendo DS into a power outlet again, simply place the DS in the charging sleeve and place the unit on to the charging pad. This convenient unit means that you can enjoy the freedom of wireless charging anywhere, anytime, whether it be at home, school or even at the office in the same time it would take to charge if the unit was plugged into a direct power source. 


The sleeve not only acts as the energy receiver for the unit but also acts as a elegant protective cover to protect the unit while it’s not in use. The easy to use charger has been designed with safety in mind as it features over/under voltage protection, short circuit and overcharge protection, making it fun and safe to use for the whole family.

The Olin wireless charger is available in the choice of two sleek colours, black or white and will be compatible with other communication and electronic devices such as the apple iphone and the blackberry curve 8900 in the near future.

The DS charging unit will be available to order from the beginning of November, for more information in regards to this exciting new product or any of the other innovative products from the Olin range please contact your Olin Sales Representative or visit the Olin website.